Some Remarks on c-Isoclinic Pairs of Filippov Algebras

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Higher Education Center of Eghlid, Eghlid, Iran.


In this paper, we study the notion of c-isoclinism for the pairs of Filippov algebras. Also, we give an equivalent condition for pairs of Filippov algebras to be c-isoclinic. In particular, it is shown that two Filippov algebras are c-isoclinic if and only if then each of them can be constructed from another by using the operations of forming direct sums, taking subalgebras, and factoring Filippov algebras. Moreover, we introduce the concept of c-perfect pair of Filippov algebras and obtain some relations between c-isoclinic and c-perfect pairs of Filippov algebras. 


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